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Making the Cotswolds a Cooler, Safer Place

Refali is a heat free installer of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, covering Gloucestershire and the surrounding counties.

Experience counts

Our staff have been in the business of air conditioning and refrigeration for over 25 years and specialise in the installation of Mitsubishi and Fujitsu A/C equipment.

The latest generation of equipment from these giants of the air conditioning world offer unparalleled levels of heating and cooling efficiency that only a few years ago would have been unheard of especially when compared to traditional wet systems.

A winning combination

Combine Refali's extensive experience with the Reflok system you then have a unique solution. The system which uses no heat is ideal for working in sensitive areas, whether that is a data centre, airport, hospital or any number of other environments where the application of heat is a potential issue, Refali has the solution.

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The right choice

Refali can help you choose the optimum equipment to suit your needs and discuss with you the substantial energy savings that come with this technology.

Whether you have existing equipment that is now past its best in terms of age and efficiency or require new equipment installed in your premises, from a simple one room system to a whole office block, Refali will work with you to find the best solution.

Air Conditioning

With over 25 years experience our team is well placed to talk you through the advantages of today’s generation of air conditioning equipment.

The solution

Considering our unpredictable Northern European climate the new generation of Mitsubishi and Fujitsu air conditioning equipment is the most cost effective solution to your buildings heating and cooling requirements. Whether you have a personal home, car showroom, hairdressing salon, office block or night club, we can provide you with a solution for your buildings environmental needs.

Why plan ahead?

Older buildings or premises may contain one or more older generation air conditioning systems installed in the late 90’s, which may require checking for the refrigerant R22. From the end of 2014 R22 becomes a banned, environmentally damaging substance and many of the main equipment manufacturers will no longer be providing spare parts for these machines. We can survey your existing equipment, advise you on the best course of action and help you plan for the future.


Refali Ltd are Cotswold based air conditioning company based in South Cerney covering Gloucestershire and the surrounding counties.

Our credentials

We have extensive experience in the refrigeration installation business and are actively involved in supermarket refit programmes.

Our suitability

If you are an M&E contractor or major refrigeration company that require a subcontract labour to carry out the installation of refrigeration equipment then we are perfectly able to assist.


No Heat No Hassle

Refali are the UK’s leading experts in the use of the revolutionary Reflok® system using aluminium tubing and no heat during installation. This avoids many health and safety issues, completely eliminates any fire risk to your premises and results in minimal disruption to your business and staff. A truly 21st century installation solution for a 21st century range of products.

No Need for Heat

No need for heat

Reflok® avoids the need for brazing and makes installation and maintenance easier, cleaner and more cost effective.

  • hot works permit required
  • fire alarm stand down
  • fire extinguishers
  • nitrogen purging
  • smouldering time or statutory downtime
Environmental Benefits

Environmental benefits

Not only does the reduced weight of aluminium lower transportation costs and emissions but in comparison to copper it is much cleaner to manufacture. The amount of CO2 emitted in the production of copper is 1032 tonnes, where as aluminium emits less than 10% of this figure, making aluminium more environmentally friendly.